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Solutions To Optimize Your Business

LHP Europe provides on-site contract engineers to fill key resource needs of our Customer. We are an engineering company, not a staffing company. We provide our engineers with the right training, mentorship and benefits to help the employees and Customers succeed.


Comprehensive Solutions

Our specialty is working with our customers to help strengthen their tools and applications. We study the challenge or problem our customers are experiencing and provide our knowledge, expertise, and passion for economical and environmentally friendly engineering solutions.

All of our engineering solutions are based on analysis led design, supporting an environmentally conscious, cost-effective, and efficient approach. Digital simulation allows us to see how the application will function before physically creating it, saving time, money, and resources (benefiting both the Customer and the environment!)  Our Data Analytics and Business Intelligence solutions transform how companies utilize data to drive business results.


Relevant Services

The complexity of embedded applications has driven an exponential growth in engineering resources and costs. Finding the right talent as well as improving time to market is a challenge. As companies look to adopt Mechatronics, IoT, and Business Intelligence, they often struggle with the complexities of managing embedded product software, legacy systems, telematics, and large-scale cloud solutions that are required to harness the power of digital data.

Our experience and solutions allow us to integrate with our Customers development process to deliver a validated control system. Engaging with our customers in the research stage of the product life cycle allows us to help the Customer reduce cost from beginning to end.

Learn More About Environmentally Friendly Engineering Solutions

If your company is looking to make improvements in your technology, but you don't have the capacity, experience, knowledge, or time to implement them yourself, please contact us at LHP Europe today to learn more about our comprehensive and ecological approach to bettering technology.