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Our engineering solutions provide many industries with the resources they need to produce effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly technologies. This is especially true for the marine industry.


LHP Europe Leadership


Sean Milloy


Prior to starting LHP Europe, Sean held several leadership roles and led the development of a number of global platforms working interactively across Cummins global technical centers and with Customers and partners across the globe. Sean held the role of CTO, Vice president, and General Manager during his 37 years at Cummins. He was involved technically and as management in 12 production and technical center Joint Ventures, serving on 7 JV boards and technology committees.


MaryLynn Glass

President and COO

Worked for Cummins over 29 years, MaryLynn has a strong background driving innovation and new product development. MaryLynn led the development of light duty products for Cummins Inc. responsible product and business development of the global product line headquartered in Beijing, China. She led a global engineering team and was responsible for the development of advanced emission products and integration with key Customers. She also held several roles within engineering starting in HDD controls, then she moved to R&D where she led the research and implementation of Analysis Led Design standards across three of Cummins' business units.


Ralf Marquard

Managing Director LHP Europe GmBH

For over 10 years, Ralf was responsible for the research and development of two large German companies. During this time, he brought new combustion engine families into production, introduced ECU platforms and hybrid powertrains, and performed successful research projects for hybrid buses. Ralf also spent 20 years in different management positions at various engineering companies. He is an expert in product development for mechanical and electronical components of vehicles and powertrains.


Madison Lawhon

Marketing Director

As Marketing director, Madison is responsible for brand awareness, marketing, and communications. Madison studied at the University of Cincinnati where she obtained a Bachelor of Science. Since graduating, she has taken numerous online courses in Marketing through Hubspot Academy, LinkedIn Learning, and Google.


Kim Johnson


As administrator of LHP Europe, Kim has over three decades of professional experience as Product/Program manager in diverse industry sectors. Much of her experience has been managing company relationships between Italy and various countries, along with product promotion and sales. Kim can speak fluent English, French, and Italian as well as a little Germany and Spanish.


Matteo Giunchedi

DAS Leader

Matteo leads engineering operations in Italy where he is in charge of support, sales, and communication with Customers. Matteo studied at the University of Bologna where he got his Bachelor’s and Master’s in Automation Engineering. He studied at Thingji University in Shanghai, China during his second year and developed his thesis with LHP Engineering Solutions hardware division to complete his Master’s in 2019.


Safety In The Marine Industry

In the marine industry, safety is the number one concern for any product, component, or vessel. Within any marine vessel, there is a high level of embedded controls, which means that functional safety is a top priority. At LHP Europe, we offer engineering solutions with years of experience and knowledge to help any boat-building business create the safest products for their customers to use.


For example, bow thrusters are a major component in any marine vessel, which helps the driver maneuver the boat. We can help design the embedded controls and meet functionally safety requirements that are so user friendly that anyone would be able to take the wheel and move the boat out of harm's way if need be, while maintaining the boat in a safe manner.


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Learn More About Engineering Solutions for the Marine Industry

LHP Europe is well versed in the requirements needed for functional safety in the marine and water vessel building industry. If you want to ensure your products are meeting those requirements, contact us at LHP Europe today!