State-Of-The-Art Technologies in the
Mobility Industry

Engineering Solutions

Our engineering solution services provide critical help for OEMs and component suppliers to improve their products and processes. LHP Europe supports data analytics, embedded controls, functional safety, analysis led design, mechatronics, and associated mechanical design and development. ​

Our data analytics solutions apply machine learning and predictive maintenance to address product validation and warranty analysis. This enables faster product development and failure analysis. ​

We provide solutions across all mobility modes from bicycles to motorized vehicles and clean energy solutions. We support research, product development, production operations and after sales support.  ​

LHP has the critical skills and technology know-how to help OEMs and component suppliers to deploy state-of-the-art technologies. ​


ADAS And Autonomous Full Simulation Testing

LHP Europe established AnteMotion in partnership with V2R S.r.l and EnginSoft S.r.l to provide the best possible engineering solutions for the mobility industry. Antemotion offers simulation platforms, VR custom solutions, and engineering services to satisfy the simulation needs in the mobility industry.

Environmental conditions are overwhelming when designing autonomous mobility and AnteMotion's ADAS test equipment allows you to overcome these obstacles. No matter the weather conditions, surface conditions, or everchanging surroundings, AnteMotion's platform allows you to virtually simulate all possibilities.

“In the mobility industry, there is always room for improvement…..”

Learn More About Engineering Solutions for the Mobility Industry

If you are in the mobility industry and you’re looking for the best way to improve your products, processes, or both, LHP Europe was founded to help you! Contact us today to see how our engineering solutions can help you improve your capabilities and limit your impact on our environment.