Welcome to LHP Europe, with locations in Bologna and Cologne.

Advance Performance and Improve Operations in the Mining Industry



Optimization For Mining Operations

With LHP Europe, improve mining operations by incorporating the newest technologies that advance performance, communication, and transportation.

LHP Europe specializes in helping industries transform their equipment with IoT and Data analytic services, improving operations, and simplifying the workload.


Advance Your Mining Equipment

LHP Europe can help the mining industry enhance the way they view and use their equipment. Whether customers are working with the mining equipment, the hauling of transportation trucks, or operation management equipment, we offer solutions to increase the efficiency of operations and maintenance.

Mining Fleet Telematics

Enhance your communication systems and work efficiencies with fleet telematics.

Predictive Equipment Maintenance

Eliminate the worry of equipment breakdowns with IoT and data analytics that monitor essential equipment. Our system helps schedule machine maintenance when needed and convenient.

Virtual mechanics and regular inspections of machine's health save time and money on expensive repairs or shutdowns due to unforeseen equipment replacement.

Learn More About Enhancing Mining Equipment with LHP Europe

If you are looking to improve your mining operations as a whole, LHP Europe has the engineering services you need to bring your equipment up to date and help you better your mining processes. Contact us today to learn more.