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Marine Command Center

Marine IoT enables customized live tracking of ships effectively compared to conventional high frequency radio communication. This improves communication transmissions to other ships as well as offshore offices. By monitoring equipment performance and optimizing routes, there is minimal fuel consumption, resulting in lower emissions and improved financials.

Additional IoT Marine Monitoring options: (1) ocean sensing and monitoring; (2) water quality monitoring; (3) coral reef monitoring; (4) marine (either offshore or deep-sea) fish farm monitoring; (5) wave and current monitoring.

Chart Your Course

Digitalization in marine operations can produce cost improvements in vessel maintenance and operational performance. Optimization of maintenance processes can reduce costs by 25% and result in less reactive maintenance, increased reliability and avoidance of unnecessary maintenance. Predictive maintenance analytics can save costs by shifting from reliance on routine scheduled activities to an increase of preventative actions. This leads to an increase in both reliability and vessel lifespan. 

Safe, Efficient, Sustainable Marine Industry

LHP Europe provides digitalization for both commercial and recreational users.  These tools can be used for vessel equipment management and to address the operations side of a business by assessing all aspects of operations. Our solutions provide many industries with the resources they need to be safe, effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly. 

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LHP Europe is well versed in the requirements needed for functional safety in the marine and water vessel building industry. If you want to ensure your products are meeting those requirements, contact us at LHP Europe today!