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Improve Efficiency and Energy consumption in the Industrial Industry

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Expertise to Bring Your Standards Up To Date

Every industrial equipment manufacturer wants to improve efficiency, reduce CO2 emissions, and limit energy consumption to conform to regulatory standards or gain a competitive edge. LHP Europe offers industrial manufacturers our expertise and proven technologies to help them accomplish these goals.

Strengthen Embedded Controls and Functional Safety

As manufacturing utilizes more and more mechatronics in their products and internal operations, the demand for high-quality embedded controls and functional safety is paramount. Our services provide the right methods to improve their technology.

We offer assessments of industrial manufacturer’s current embedded controls and how they perform their functional safety. Given our expertise in these skills, we can identify function and safety gaps, then develop the bridge to meet the requirements. We also oversee the appropriate training of company employees in the use of these new tools.


Relevant Services

The complexity of embedded applications has driven an exponential growth in engineering resources and costs. Finding the right talent as well as improving time to market is a challenge. As companies look to adopt Mechatronics, IoT, and Business Intelligence, they often struggle with the complexities of managing embedded product software, legacy systems, telematics, and large-scale cloud solutions that are required to harness the power of digital data.

Our experience and solutions allow us to integrate with our Customers development process to deliver a validated control system. Engaging with our customers in the research stage of the product life cycle allows us to help the Customer reduce cost from beginning to end.

Learn More About Engineering Solutions for the Industrial Industry

If you are looking for the best way to improve your industrial processes and meet those regulatory or competitive requirements, contact us at LHP Europe today. Let us help you advance your product capabilities and better your internal operations.