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Creating a Better World for Future Generations!


Our planet will face some critical challenges within the next two to three decades. Climate change, air and water pollution and access to abundant, clean water all threaten the quality of life for the future. We all have a responsibility to manage our impact on the environment and leave our planet better than what we inherited. Future generations deserve a world that enables their dreams!

LHP Europe’s vision is to create a world that provides new opportunities for individuals and communities and transforms the quality of life for all generations.


LHP Europe was established in 2018 with the mission to utilize technology to enable a better life and create an environmentally sustainable future. Our employees have a passion to pursue this goal and feel a deep responsibility to improve the environment in which we all share.  Climate change, pollution, and clean water can easily be positively impacted with the right tools. The explosion in technology enabled by mechatronics, micro-electronics, automation, connectivity, IoT, big data and artificial intelligence can be leveraged to address these challenges.

For example, we can apply IoT, connectivity, and data analytics to provide solutions for manufacturing and product development efficiency resulting in greater throughput, energy efficiency/CO2 reduction, and employee health and safety improvement. Our capability and experience can help increase automation, optimization, and predictive maintenance to your existing operations. Delivering significant improvements result in a positive impact to the bottom line and to the environment.

The growing use of mechatronics, electronic controls, and full automation requires additional attention to functional safety. OEM’s and Suppliers must meet the growing requirements of industry specific functional safety regulations. LHP has deep experience and knowledge with regards to functional safety regulations. We can help to provide product functional safety gap assessments, gap closure, and/or product functional safety management.


LHP Europe can help Customers utilize sensor technology, connectivity, and data analytics to minimize the use of harmful chemicals and scarce water supply to optimize agricultural and industrial use to limit waste and environmental impact.

Every industry can apply these technologies and every aspect of our lives will be impacted positively with the right focus on sustainability!

Our employees work to build trust, honesty, and strong relationships with our Customers. Our employees have each demonstrated strong moral and ethical principles and values therefore we know they will always to what is best for the Customer and the environment. We clearly describe what we can deliver and when, and work to meet all Customer requirements while ensuring quality and safety. We have offices in Bologna, Italy and Cologne, Germany to serve Customers in Europe.

If you share our commitment and passion to achieving an environmentally sustainable future, we would love to hear from you. Let us know your thoughts on how all of us can pursue this goal.

Sean Milloy – CEO

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