Semi-Autonomous Towing Vehicle Simulation


Customer is developing a semi-autonomous towing vehicle. Target market is consumers with occasional towing needs but do not desire to own multiple vehicles

Simulation needed to evaluate powertrain and vehicle design in meeting mission towing requirements.


Selected simulation tool to model towing characteristics of tow vehicle and 6350 kg trailer weight. 

Simulated tow vehicle and trailer maneuvers and key towing routes 

Evaluated series hybrid powertrain including battery capacity, motor sizing and IC engine parameters to meet towing requirements.


Created CarSim w/trailer model for simulation testing
Conducted series of tow vehicle/trailer dynamic maneuvers and key towing routes consistent with industry requirements 


  • Validated motor generator capacity and battery rating to satisfy industry standards for towing performance
  • Recommended IC engine power/torque for series hybrid powertrain
  • Provided key tow vehicle dynamic loads to feed tow vehicle design activities