Autonomous Marine Test Environment


New energy, smart navigating and AMAS, the vigorous development of network information security and the urgent need of functional safety, identify new requirements and challenges. Autonomous (unmanned operations), especially for the marine surveyors, including a large geographic area, variable shallows, numerous obstructions and unpredictable sea conditions


Provide a platform to accumulate the Governmental required test hours for Autonomous vessels integrate the platform in time, including advanced analytics tools


Proprietary real-time render engine for vessel simulations. Includes functionalities to simulate variable weather conditions- day/night, risky weather situations, virtual AMAS sensors (camera, Lidar, HLD-Radar).


  • Environments are created from a Procedural Content Generation pipeline to streamline the production of virtually infinite navigational worlds
  • Procedural worlds and embedded functionalities allow for training, validating and assessing the functional safety of both