AnteMotion High-Definition Simulation Generation


Automotive OEMs and Tier 1 Suppliers must carry out extensive testing to validate the functionality and safety of autonomous vehicles

Simulation is necessary. The thousands of simulation scenarios in high-definition in order to adequately test sensors and features

Creating these high definition is time and resource consuming. A more automatic tool is needed to speed the simulation process


Develop a tool to automatically create high-definition scenarios that satisfy the simulation requirements in order to validate autonomous features and components


AnteMotion developed a proprietary tool to model automatically 3D simulation environments starting from OpenDRIVE

Additionally, provide a tool to compile automatically OpenDRIVE from HD Maps databases like HERE HD Live Maps and Tom Tom


  • Reduced resources to manually construct 3D simulation environments
  • Ability to use HD maps to compile in OpenDRIVE further enhances simulation test speed and real-world route information