Creating a Better World for Future Generations

We create a better world
for future generations

Together with our customers, we provide solutions for a sustainable future

Who is LHP Europe?

LHP Europe is an engineering solutions company providing solutions and technology integration for customers around the world. We are dedicated to providing hands-on experience and training to aid companies through technological advancements while focusing on creating an environmentally sustainable future. We will do this by providing innovative solutions and products for customers across the markets we serve.



We Make An Impact


Each and every one of our services are centered around the idea of conservation. We help companies in various industries integrate the newest technologies into their business to not only reduce their energy consumption but also to improve their operational efficiencies.

Reducing CO2, reducing waste, and saving customers time and money is our objective, and our engineering solutions attain these goals.


Safety is another key component that drives LHP Europe. Embedded controls and functional safety are the backbones of our engineering services, and with them, we can help companies implement these new technologies in a safe way. This includes product safety and operational safety.

LHP Europe can provide expert knowledge, advice, and solutions for small to mid-size businesses to accelerate their knowledge and implementation of new technologies. These technologies include Industry 4.0, digitalization, connectivity, embedded sensors and controls, and functional safety. We can help companies implement the challenging ISO26262 and parallel ISO Regulations across each industry.


Our Industries

Technology is changing rapidly and IoT and Artificial intelligence (AI) will likely mold the next decade. AI and Data analytics are driving change across all industries which allows LHP Europe to provide solutions from plug-and-play to very complex Customer specific products. We assist Customers across all industries ranging from agriculture to marine.

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