Creating a better world
for future generations

Together with our customers, we provide solutions for a sustainable future

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Take control of your
environmental impact

View your sustainability performance with our Environmental Command Center

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Industrialize your farm with
smart technologies

We create virtual solutions to improve overall efficiency and simplify your tasks on the farm.

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Advance Your Operations

Increase and improve manufacturing productivity using digitalisation, data analytics, and business intelligence.

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Who is LHP Europe?

LHP Europe is an engineering solutions company committed to an environmentally sustainable future through eco-friendly solutions and technology integration. We are dedicated to providing hands-on experience and training to aid companies through technological advancements while focusing on creating an environmentally sustainable future. We will do this by providing innovative solutions and products for customers across the markets we serve.


Climate Change Requires a Total Ecosystem Approach


LHP Europe supports companies across a variety of industries to implement digitalization, analytics and other industry 4.0 technologies. The industries we support range from manufacturing to agriculture, and the technologies we use help these companies to reduce energy consumption, water consumption, CO2 emissions and waste. We can integrate business analytics and internet of things (IOT) tools such as machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) into customers' processes and operations.

Integration of the ecosystem in engineering

LHP Europe provides solutions, services, and products to address Customers’ operational efficiency, predictive maintenance, environmental impact, business analytics, functional safety, and product development. Our expertise in data analytics, IoT functional safety, design validation and testing shows we can address a wide range of Customer needs.

We work with Environmental engineers who specialize in ecological restoration and environmental sciences. These engineers assist with the research, design, test, validation, and implementation of our solutions and products. This ensures we understand our product’s impact on the entire ecosystem, from development to obsolescence.


Our Industries

Technology is changing rapidly and IoT and Artificial intelligence (AI) will likely mold the next decade. AI and Data analytics are driving change across all industries which allows LHP Europe to provide solutions from plug-and-play to very complex Customer specific products. We assist Customers across all industries ranging from agriculture to marine.

Improve efficiency and improve water and pesticide utilization through Smart Agriculture.
Enable your customers to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs and environmental impact.
Wheelhouse control board of modern industry ship